Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5-10, 2014 is National Teacher Appreciation Week! So excited to share some of our favorite DIY and craft ideas that can be used as gifts for that special educator in your child's life. Just a little something to show you care and appreciate all of their hard work and dedication. Words cannot express how important teachers are to children and the world!

One of my favorite quotes is:

A teacher is like a candle-
it consumes itself to light
the way for others

Author Unknown

Cute flower pot craft with crayons! Love the concept…..image via Pinterest.

We sure could use a donut, too! Thanks for the idea Confetti Sunshine!

This cute little jar of Mentos! We love it, Every day is a creative day

Isn't this just adorable? Yes, I know you are glad its almost summer! Such a cute idea from Shaken Together. 

 This dynamic Superhero themed Staff Appreciate Celebration was posted on Kara's Party Ideas. This is just dynomite! The party was submitted by the ever so talented Scrapaholics

This year Scrapaholics created a Space Themed Appreciation Party. Can you say out of this world? We love every detail!

Teacher, you are the star! This craft was seen on Be Sew Crafty and the inspiration and printables are from Nothing But Country.

Well, the end of the school year is almost here! This is a great getting ready for summer gift.
You can find these fantastic "Keep Calm" tags on the Caramel Potatoes blog.

Show a teacher that you care this week and everyday! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Have a Blu day!

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